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Santa Rosa De Lima - Gardeners & Florists Retablo Pocket Size

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Patroness of Gardeners, Florists and Latin America.

Born in Peru in 1586, her given name was Isabel. She was very beautiful. As a baby her family started to call her Rose because of that beauty. She loved and worked hard to help support her poor parents and tried always to obey them. When it came time to find a husband, her mother placed a crown of roses on her head to adorn her. Rose, regretfully had to disobey her family for her love of Jesus was so great that she did not want to marry. She stuck thorns in the crown that pierced her head and she rubbed her cheeks with pepper so they would blister. By doing these things she felt she would not be a temptation to any suitors. Rose had many temptations and often felt great loneliness, but it only served to increase her love of God. Several miracles are attributed to her after her death. She was canonized in 1671.

"Beautiful and beloved Rose, bless my hand work with goodness and my garden with bounty so they may be of benefit to everyone I serve."

Specific Sizes - Width x Height

Pocket - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2"



• Made in United States
Lynn Garlick Retablos grew organically over a period of 20 years. To create these heart-felt paintings of saints, angels and blessings, Lynn has brought to the folk art of Retablo making, all the skills and passions that she has learned through a lifetime of drawing, woodworking and painting. She is a long time resident of Taos, New Mexico.