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Moon Shadow Candle with Lid by Cie Luxe

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Transport yourself to a dream land

where shadows dance across the

room on a full moon night. Vetiver,

moss and cedarwood create a rich,

layered scent that connects you to

the earth... and the heavens above.

Lose yourself in the wonders of the




Artisan candle maker craft a unique

blend of plant-based wax for each Cie Luxe

fragrance. Every candle is hand-poured in

California in our signature glass jardiniere and

finished with a cotton wick. The clean and

even burn will infuse a room with exceptional

scent for approximately fifty hours.

DURATION: 50 hours

SIZE: 8 oz | 225 g

COMPOSITION: Plant-based wax,

fragrance, cotton wick, black lid, branded