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Root Pouch Handle Container in Assorted Sizes and Colors

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Boxer Line
Colors: Navy, Red, Green
SMALL 1 Gallon 6" w x 7 1/2" h
MEDIUM 3 Gallon 10'' w x 8 1/2'' h
LARGE 7 Gallon 14'' w x 11 3/4'' h

X LARGE 10 Gallon

XX LARGE 15 Gallon

GIGANTIC 25 Gallon

Great for above ground growing, pot-n-pot and usable season after season
Root Pouch’s most rugged line, designed to be used season after season. Perfect for the great outdoors and hydroponic growing systems. The boxer fabric is made of recycled water bottles and is available with and without handles. All seams and stitching are reinforced and done with industrial strength stitch to answer the need for a stronger, sturdier bag.Designed tough for advanced specimen trees. Sizes up to 150 gallon (567 liters). Larger sizes up to 600 gallon (2271 liter) are perfect for raised garden beds.
Snow and ice have no more effect on Root Pouch fabric then they do on traditional plastic containers.
Keep in mind a plant in a fabric Root Pouch Container will fair the extreme cold far better than any other container type. Just like a human, what would help a person in sub-zero cold or wind? If they were wrapped in plastic or wrapped in fabric? Plants and plant roots are the same. Fabric allows the heat given off by plants to be contained and keep the plant warmer in the winter… and cooler in the summer.
Root Pouch fabric pots when set can-tight (pots touching each other) will exchange heat between them.
The most threatening thing, snow and ice bring is weight. Plants that are branched loaded down with the weight of ice and snow will break. This goes for plants in Fabric, Plastic and even in landscape.