Portable Fire Log (Set of 2)

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A unique and innovative way to light a smallbut elegant and controllablefire anywhere!
Perfect for a beach or lakeside bonfire, backyard barbecue, in a fireplace or simply as a way to add ambiance to your next celebration.
Each Set includes:
One Small Log - 5"x6", One-Hour Burn Time
One Large Log - 6"x8", Two-Hour Burn Time
TheOneLogFire isa quick startfire log that burns from the inside out to inspire gatherings around fires everywhere. Based on the concept of the Swedish fire and the 30 years’ War, the OneLogFire is handmade in Minnesota using Red Pine that has been meticulously kiln dried so that the fire created in the log is consistent and controllable to ensure you have a two-hour burn (Large Log) or one-hour burn (Small Log). Easily portable and lightweight, this fire log makes having a fire a joy filled experience! Historically, these fire logs were used by soldiers for cooking, warmth and light. Now you can enjoy the traditional fire log with all the convenience and ease you want!
The OneLogFire fire log has received national acclaim for it's design and safety, getting the Seal of Approval from the Family Review Center and the 50 Campfires 2014 Gear of the Year awards! It has been featured in countless articles, magazines and shows.
The scent of Red Pine is soothing and knowing that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has given their certification means this fire log is free of bugs, toxins or other products that pollute your environment. Using a OneLogFire means you will use less wood, have no hassles in lighting a fire or in hauling messy Firewood around with you.
The Firestarter is all natural and will not create an odor or taste for your food, so you can enjoy marshmallows, hot dogs or any of your other campfire recipes using the Original OneLogFire.

Some logs may have cracks, this will not affect burning


Place your OneLogFire onfire proof surface. (example) Fire pit, Fireplace, Sand or Rock suface
Remove the label from the bottom of the log- saving the label.
Make sure the fire-starter is all the way to the back of the bottom hole.
Face the bottom hole into the wind (if present) light the wick of the fire-starter, if needed use the label to fan air into bottom hole of the log.
Enjoy the Magic of OneLogFire!