Botanical Wax Curiosities – Prince Orange Geranium (Hand)

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A radiant orange accord opens onto a heart of fresh geranium, pink peony and rose.

Fragrance Notes: Radiant Orange, Mandarin Zest, Lemon Blossom, Pink Peony, Royal Rose, Blooming Geranium, Verbena Leaves, Rosewood, Floral Musk

Fragrance Classification: Bright Citrus

Botanical Ingredients: Calendula, Daisies, Larkspur, Peony Petals

Details: Our botanical wax curiosities are handmade objects of art. Each figure is carefully filled with real botanicals and perfumed with fragrance. Lovely displayed on a dresser, bathroom vanity or placed in a drawer to scent delicate underthings. Packaged for gift giving in a black box secured with an elegantly illustrated sleeve.

Hand: 2.5″ x 5.75″ (3.4 oz)

Box Dimensions: 6.75″w x 2″d x 4″h

By Rosy Rings