3 Pot Hydro Planter in Chalkboard

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Features a top-feed hydroponic system hidden inside a wooden planter that delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots of three separate plants on a pre-programmed feeding schedule. This self-sustaining system is the ultimate container gardening solution, and is designed to fit on a sunny windowsill. Grow a wide variety of edibles year round, from herbs and leafy greens to fruiting plants like peppers and tomatoes. Start from seed, cutting or transplant. By Modern Sprout.
Meticulously made in the USA.

⅝” Painted Wood Planter Enclosure - Chalkboard
Top Tray and 3/4 Gal Reservoir
Pre-Programmed Timer
Eco-friendly Air Pump
Three Net Pots
Three Black Feeding Tubes
Three Clear Air Tubes
Power Adapter
Flow Control Valve
Clay Pellet Grow Medium
Water Measuring Stick
Detailed Instruction Manual

Eco-friendly air-pump requires very little power. The annual electricity cost to run the planter 24/7, 365 days in Chicago is $5-$7.
The reservoir requires refills on average every two weeks, depending on plant size.
Compared to soil-based gardening, hydroponics uses 80% less water, grows plants 30% faster and takes up ¼ of the space.
Size: 16” l x 6” w x 10.5” h (41cm x 15cm x 27cm)
Weight: approximately 12lb (5.5kg)

Built-in DC air pump allows for global use.
Pre-programmed timer includes watering settings for plants ranging from seeds/orchids to tomatoes/peppers.
Power supply w/ 6’ long white power cord is US compatible but with can be used throughout the world with common adapters.
Patent Pending

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